23 March 2018
Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm successfully defended the interests of the client in the Supreme Court

Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm’s lawyers succeeded in convincing the Supreme Court in the correct legal application of Article 33 of the Law of Ukraine “On Land Lease” and, therefore, in the client’s preferential right among other parties to conclude an agreement on lease of land for a new term (renewal of the contract).

The Supreme Court agreed with the case of the Company’s lawyers that upon condition that lessee strictly follows fixed procedure for the renewal of the contract and lessor simultaneous delays to consider the draft of the relevant supplementary agreement, the lessee still receives the right to judicial protection.

As a result the Supreme Court agreed with the Appellate court’s recognition of conclusion of the supplementary agreement between the lessee and the lessor on the renewal of the lease for the next 5 years.

The success on this project was achieved due to considerable experience of the team of Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm in resolving disputes as well as the high level of expertise in contractual law. Executive Partner Stanislav Skrypnyk and Associate Partner Arthur Kiyan worked on the project.