20 September 2011
Maksym Lavrynovych Makes a Speech at Ukrainian Advocates Association’s 1st Annual Forum

Maksym Lavrynovych, Managing Partner of Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm, made a speech entitled «Abuse of Power by Advocates and Liability for Non-Compliance with the Rules of Advocates’ Ethics» at the Ukrainian Advocates Association’s 1stAnnual Forum held in Kyiv on September 20.

In his speech, Maksym Lavrynovych identified the main types of advocates’ abuse: acting in their own interests or in the interests of third parties; using unethical practices while handling their assignments; influencing or coercing adverse parties, witnesses, court or other authorities; disclosure of confidential information; protracting a case contrary to their client’s interests and unfair practices applied by advocates in handling their assignments.

Maksym Lavrynovych believes that the professional standards of advocate’s activity can be increased by establishing an efficient and effective mechanism for bringing an advocate to liability. Mr. Lavrynovych put forward a proposal to combine the disciplinary practice of the regional Qualification and Disciplinary Commissions of Advocates and Higher Qualification Commission of Advocates and introduce a uniform system of criteria to evaluate the extent of violation of moral and ethical principles by advocates in a disciplinary proceeding.