13 June 2011
Igor Siusel attends conference marking 10 years of Energy Charter Treaty Arbitration

2011 marks 10 years since the first arbitration was commenced under the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT). SCC, ICSID and the Energy Charter Secretariat held a conference to celebrate this anniversary in Stockholm on 9-10 June 2011.

The conference participants summarized the results of the first 10 years of arbitration under the Energy Charter Treaty, analyzed relevant awards and judgments and discussed the most recent investment arbitration trends.

Lavrynovych&Partners was represented at the event by its Associate Partner Igor Siusel, who became an active participant in the two-day conference and joined the discussions of key issues related to intergovernmental cooperation in the energy sector.

The Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) was signed in December 1994 and entered into force in April 1998. This Treaty is a legally binding multilateral instrument, the only one of its kind dealing specifically with intergovernmental cooperation in the energy sector. Its provisions are implemented by the Energy Charter Conference, an international intergovernmental organization founded back in 1994.