20 October 2016
Lavrynovych & Partners Law firm has opened the Practice of private clients

Lavrynovych & Partners Law firm opens a new direction – the Practice of private clients.

The Practice will be leaded by Oleksander Onufrienko, a guru of the Ukrainian law, the person who has taught several generations of lawyers teaching legal sciences at Kyiv State University named after Taras Shevchenko, one of the most experienced Ukrainian consultants on structuring and private assets management.

Olexander has been working over 20 years in the oldest Ukrainian investment company “KINTO”, holding the position of Director of Legal Department, also worked on projects of BoozAllen & Hamilton in Ukraine. During 25 years of his legal career, Olexander has got unique experience in corporate, financial and family law, participated in the construction of unique schemes of ownership and management of Ukrainian businessmen’ business systems.

Olexander graduated from Kyiv State University named after Taras Shevchenko. Has a scientific degree in legal sciences, a docent, an author of over 60 publications on the legal regulation of investment activity.
Mr. Onufrienko is a member of Kyiv City Bar Association. Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee of the Ukrainian Association of Investment Business.

In terms of the practice Lavrynovych & Partners Law firm will provide a full range of legal registration of private capital of successful entrepreneurs and owners of family businesses and other private clients:

  • Protection of personal assets from hostile acts of the third parties;
  • Organization of effective structure to control and manage private assets;
  • Development of the succession plan of business and private assets;
  • Development of preservation plan for private assets and business in case of the owner’s absence;
  • Settlement of property and inheritance aspects of family relationships;
  • Creating control systems for companies management for the heirs and / or family members of entrepreneurs;
  • Legal registration of the children’s, heirs and other trustees rights with regard to their business assets.