23 May 2017
Maksym Lavrynovych – Speaker of the School of practical jurisprudence “Leadership in Law”

Maksym Lavrynovych, Managing Partner of Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm gave another lecture for a training program “Managing competitive corporate business”, organized by the Leadership in Law. Maksym shared his many years of experience of managing a law firm with students of the program, partners of law firms in Ukraine.

“Students of Leadership in Law are specialists who seek professional growth and are ready to leave their comfort zone. I was glad to share my experience because such programs help improve the quality of legal services, and hence develop the legal market in general, to what we, as professionals are committed”, said Maksym.

Leadership in Law - копия

The training program “Management of competitive corporate business”, organized by the School of Practical jurisprudence “Leadership in Law” provides lawyers with the tools, knowledge and experience for developing and managing competitive legal business. The first phase of the program was held in Kiev from May 18 to 21 and was attended by 20 students who are partners of law firms from Odesa, Dnipro, Lviv and Kyiv.