29 March 2013
Lavrynovych & Partners in association with Spenser & Kauffmann and Legal Alliance Law Firms render charity aid to the Kyiv municipal orphanage, «Beryzka»

One of the most important values at Lavrynovych & Partners is its commitment to corporate social responsibility. That is why at the beginning of the year the company initiated fundraising for the orphanage among members of the UBA.

Iryna Marushko, Partner: «Any crisis must not affect children, especially such a vulnerable group as orphans. At a time of decrease of state funding, especially in social services, orphanages need to be supported. That is why we have appealed to our colleagues for their help, and we appreciate those who have answered!»

Such important items as vitamins and hygienic goods, clothes and toys were bought, and representatives of Lavrynovych & Partners, Spenser & Kauffmann and Legal Alliance brought the presents to the Kyiv municipal orphanage «Beryzka» on March 30, 2009. 

Тhe Kyiv municipal orphanage «Berizka» is a special medical institution for orphans with injuries of nervous system, as well as children born by mothers living with AIDS, and children living with AIDS, aged 0 to 5 years.