28 February 2011
Maksym Lavrynovych speaks at 7th UBA Annual Legal Forum

Managing Partner of Lavrynovych & Partners and Vice President of the Ukrainian Bar Association, Maksym Lavrynovych, has presented a report at the 7th Annual Legal Forum held by the Ukrainian Bar Association.

The main focus of the Forum was the Ukrainian legal services market development in 2011. In particular, its first session was devoted to the influence of tax and judicial reforms on the legal business in general. During the first session, Maksym Lavrynovych shared his professional views on the subject and summed up the positive effects of judicial reform.

The event was traditionally attended by representatives of the national legal elite: attorneys, partners and managers of Ukrainian law firms. The Forum was also attended by lawyers from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The Ukrainian Bar Association is an all-Ukrainian non-governmental organization that unites representatives of the legal profession. Its main purpose is to promote the rule of law in various areas of state, public and social life and to facilitate the development of Ukraine as a law-governed state. The Association operates throughout the territory of Ukraine.