Private Clients

Private Clients

Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm will help to build a system so that none of the events of your personal life, such as marriage, divorce, and birth of heirs, both in marriage and out of wedlock, could influence the legal aspects of the execution of your assets in Ukraine and other jurisdictions.

In Ukraine, Austria and other countries, Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm provides a full range of services for structuring private capital, including:
• protection of personal assets from unfriendly actions of third parties;
• organization of an effective control structure and management of private capital;
• elaboration of a plan for the succession of business and private assets;
• development of a plan for the preservation of private assets and business of the client in the absence of the owner;
• regulation of private property aspects of family and inheritance relations;
• creation of systems for controlling the management of enterprises by the heirs and/or members of the families of entrepreneurs;
• legal registration of the rights of children, heirs and other trustees of entrepreneurs regarding their assets.

In 2016, the services of Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm for private property protection were utilized by clients whose total assets exceeded $2 million USD.

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