Stanislav Skrypnyk mediates business conflict resolution

Executive Partner of Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm Stanislav Skrypnyk acted as a mediator in resolving a conflict between founders of an audit firm. The dispute concerned different views on the economic and financial activity of the firm, its strategy as well as its further development.
С. Скрыпник

As a result of the applied mediation skills and principles, the real interests and motives of the parties were revealed; the controversial matters of doing business which the parties were concerned about

Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm successfully defended intellectual property rights of its client

Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm won a case regarding infringed intellectual property rights on a registered trademark for goods and services that was unlawfully used by an entertainment and restaurant institution.

The Pechersk District Court of Kyiv ordered the offender to stop the unlawful actions. The court has forbidden the use of the mark which belonged to the plaintiff based on the intellectual property right, as well as symbols similar to it to the degree of confusion, when offering their

Anna Bukvych - Speaker of the II International Compliance Forum

Lawyer of Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm Anna Bukvych spoke at the II International Compliance Forum, which was held in Kyiv on September 20.
In her speech, Anna analyzed the latest cases of the FCPA Commission on US Treasuries regarding Ukraine and shared what norms of national and international legislation Ukrainian companies should take into account when developing anti-corruption programs. She also commented on the main trends of cross-border liability of international companies

Maksym Lavrynovych - Speaker of Real Law School

Maksym Lavrynovych, Managing Partner of Lavrynovych & Partners Law Firm spoke for students of the Real Law School and shared his experience in international business structuring.

School of real jurisprudence
"We are always open to communication with colleagues and young professionals looking for opportunities for professional growth as we have always striven for a more developed legal market in Ukraine. I hope that my experience and advice will help the students in their professional activities. I will be pleased